Rein is a mysterious girl who came from cyberspace after she gained a real body via a 3D printer. When she is able to connect to the great intelligence inside her brain her character completely changes.

Appearance Edit

Rein is a young girl of average height with long pink hair that changes its hue depending on the viewing angle. Her eyes have an opalizing effect. She has a very curvaceous body with large breasts.

Before she came into the real world her appearance changed depending on the person who saw her (i.e. Meguru would see a young man, Haruka a petite girl and Machina a cluster of 1 and 0). Her final appearance was based on ideal data found on Tokiwa's computer.

Personality Edit

Her personality is incredibly sporadic, one moment it's very energetic and inquisitive the next she knows nothing of the world around her with occational bouts of how she was in Tokiwa's, Haruka's, and Kanata's collective dreams.

History Edit

Her real origin is unknown, but she "grew up" in cyberspace where she gained human emotions by collecting data by using NUE Systems - a website where people could tell Rein about their problems and ask her for advice.

She was rescued from cyberspace where she was attacked by an unknown enemy when Tokiwa and Machina created a real body for her using a 3D printing device DEM II had constructed. Due to an accidental data loss when her memory data was downloaded, she has lost most of her memories and knowledge that remains fragmented somewhere inside her brain. Unfortunately the lost memory includes the reason why she came into the real world, how she is connected to DEM II and what her exact mission in this world is.

She is currently aiding Tokiwa and his friends in their fight against their enemies during the Time of Existence.

Skills Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Rein has made it a habit to sleep next to Tokiwa in his room.