2017/06/30:The ebook version of volume 11 is now available. A reading sample can be found here

2017/05/31: Volume 11 message paper @wazadepa

2017/05/30: Volume 12 and volume 13 will both go on sale on July 18.

2017/05/26: Tokiwa Kitareri!! is going to end with chapter 120 in Shōnen Sunday issue 28/2017 (June 7, 2017). Volume 13 is going to be the final volume.

2017/05/26: The cover illustration of volume 11 has been posted to wazadepa.

2017/01/08: The digital edition of volume 9 is going to be available from January 13.

2016/12/16: Volume 9 reading sample.

2016/12/11: Volume 9 bonus illustration.

2016/12/08: The cover character for volume 9 is Rein.

2016/09/16: Volume 8 went on sale today (short reading sample).

2016/09/13: Tokiwa Kitareri!! volumes 1-7 will be available for free from Sep. 15 until Sep. 18 via Shogakukan's manga reading app MangaOne.

2016/09/02: The volume 8 message paper is going to show Rein.

2016/08/30: There's a new interview with the author.

2016/08/30: Aria and Haruka are going to be on the cover of volume 8.

2016/07/15: The ebook version of volume 7 went on sale today.

2016/07/13: Weekly Shōnen Sunday has gone digital!!

2016/07/13: Volume 1 can be read free of charge at the ebook store of your choice for a limited time.

2016/06/18: Volume 7 reading sample.

2016/05/27: Volume 7 message paper.

2016/04/26: The cover illustration of volume 7 is going to show Kagari.

2016/04/26: Websunday uploaded a wallpaper featuring Tokiwa and the blue demon girl from chapter 65. The wallpaper is available for different devices and screen sizes HERE.

2016/04/20: A reading sample of volume 6 is available here.

2016/03/28: The cover specal message paper for volume 6 is up at Wazadepa

2016/03/19: The cover illustration for volume 6 is up at Wazadepa

2016/02/16: The digital version Tokiwa Kitareri!! Volume 1 (and HSDK volumes 1-10) will be available for free from February 19 to March 3. (Source: Sunday News)

2016/02/12: The ebook version of volume 5 will be released on February 19.

2016/02/06: Download: Tokiwa Kitareri!! twitter icons.

2016/01/17: The animated CM has been uploaded to Youtube! Watch it now!

2016/01/14: You can now get Tokiwa Kitareri!! line stickers.

2016/01/05: Websunday updated their Animated Commercial website with the voice actors of Tokiwa, Rein and Kanata and some key animation samples.

2016/01/02: The bonus illustration for volume 5 has been revealed.

2015/12/22: Prologue 1, Prologue 2 and Prologue 3 are available at Club Sunday+ until January 11, 2016.

2015/12/21: Character designs for the new CM of Tokiwa, Kanata and Machina have been ubloaded to Websunday, as well as some storyboard drafts! (Forum thread)

2015/12/20: The cover illustration for volume 5 is up at Wazadepa.