Daily Tokiwa Kitareri (日刊トキワ来たれり!!, Nikkan Tokiwa Kitareri!!) is a series of four full-color double page spreads first puplished on a large poster wall at Kichijoji train station in Tokyo.

These special pages were drawn to celebrate and advertise volume 1 of Tokiwa Kitareri which was published on February 17, 2015.

They were uploaded with one day delay at Shogakukan's Club Sunday website, where they are still available.[1]

Each chapter introduces two of the main character in accordance to their appearances in the manga. The forth chapter features the same main image as the title page of chapter 1 with some slight modifications.

Chapter List Edit

  1. Kanata and Meguru
  2. Haruka and the Mysterious Girl
  3. Tokiwa & Machina
  4. Meeting

References Edit

  1. Daily Tokiwa Kitareri!! at Club Sunday