The 55th Time: The Homura Musha Appears

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While Rein and Aria are outside and protect the people from falling debris, Tokiwa, Kanata, Haruka and Kagari are facing a yōi called homura musha. The homura musha asks them again where to find the battle field. When Tokiwa hesitates, Haruka takes the initiative and orders his wire man to attack. The wire man is sliced in half, but Haruka uses its wires to bind the yōi. However it easily breaks the wires. Kanata’s attacks are deflected as well.

Kagari brags the Genma Clan’s techniques are superior when it comes to dealing with yōi, but to her surprise her talismans have absolutely no effect on the homura musha when she uses them. She is hit by its sword and Tokiwa rushes towards the falling kunoichi and catches her. Unfortunately he grabs her breasts in the process which earns him a kick to the face.

Kagari escapes and the boys decide to do the same. While they are trying to get away from the yōi that is charging after them Kanata admits that the homura musha is too strong for him. Instead he asks Tokiwa to come up with some plan to defeat it. Tokiwa complains that everyone always pushes to responsibilities onto him whenever things go bad. Machina comments that their fighting strength is considerably lowered if nobody takes the leading role. Both Kanata and Haruka agree to follow Tokiwa’s orders, since his plans have always worked in the past.

When the homura musha has almost caught up with them Tokiwa tells Haruka to use his money barrier and Kanata to distract the yōi. Kanata uses a body split technique to create two copies of himself. He and his two copies attack; Kanata remarks that modern ninja have difficulties dealing with samurai-like things.

Yet again the homura musha asks where the battle field is. This time Tokiwa answers its question and says that there is no battle field and tells the yōi to go back to where it came from. The homura musha replied that in this case it will turn this world into a battle field. Tokiwa proclaims that he is not going to let that happen.

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Dance, Wire Man (Haruka), Senga Yamizuki (Kanata), Fūma Kugutsu (Kagari), Emōhafu Tarokeyan (Haruka), Wakemi no Jutsu (Kanata)