The 27th Time: Creeping Shadows (第27の時 忍び寄る影, Dai 27 no toki: Shinobiyoru kage)

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The sorcerian is still wandering through Tokiwa’s school on his search for Aria. When Meguru sees the sorcerian she scolds him for wearing piercings and questions if he’s really a student at their school. In respond he cast a spell on her and some fellow students and they are enveloped in shadows. Meanwhile Haruka and Aria escape to the roof and Tokiwa tries to follow them. On his way upstairs Tokiwa encounters the strange shadows and the sorcerian who uses his shadow sorcery to take a shortcut through the window up to the roof.

Machina catches up to Tokiwa and both run upstairs to help Haruka and Aria. When they arrive Haruka has already been overpowered by the shadow sorcerian who wonders how such a weak sorcerian like Haruka could force McGuffin to retreat. Haruka uses kinetic money to free himself from the shadow sorcerians grasp, but the attack doesn’t do any damage to his opponent.

Aria asks the sorcerian spare Haruka, since he’s only after her. He tells Aria to come with him so they can head towards the demise of the world together. Aria tells him her new name and that she wants to be with her friends, to which the sorcerian responds the he will kill everyone so she can come with him.

Tokiwa tells him to stop and asks him for his name while Machina is ready to open fire at any time.

The sorcerian answers that he is one of the “Shining Eye (Eikozukurohera??)”, the Flashing Silhouette, and that it would be more suitable for the Maiden of Anima Mundi to be with them.

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  • The organization is written as 光の目(エイコズクロヘラ) in Japanese.
  • "Flashing Silhouette" is called 閃光の影法師 (Senkō no Kagebōshi) in Japanese.

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