The 23rd Time: Struggle in the Garden (第23の時 庭での攻防, Dai 23 no toki: Niwa de no kōbō)

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Rein's attacks are completely useless against the ghost and she is easily overpowered by the supernatural being. Just as she is begging Tokiwa for help, Kotohiro's father appears together with two policemen. They are the same policemen who always took Rein home when she got lost.

Confronted with the ghost who is attacking Rein one of the policemen instantly draws his gun in order to aid Rein. Yet his colleague interferes and tells him that it's no use to use a gun against something like that and that he might lose his badge if he misses and hits someone else.

The first policeman, who sees Rein struggle with the ghost and Tokiwa who tries to help her, suddenly remembers how he wanted to become a space cop as a child to protect the people, ignores his colleague's warnings and shoots at the ghost. Of course bullets cannot harm it either and it attacks the policeman. Finally Kanata arrives and easily defeats the ghost.

The thing that appeared in Kotohiro's yard was a kyōkotsu (狂骨): the ghost of a dead person who seeks revenge after their bones had been discarded in a well. When they unearthed the old well the next day, they actually found human bones. However, why the grudge suddenly manifested in modern day after 100 years remains a mystery.

At the metropolitan police department the policeman, whose name is Yūki, is questioned by some higher-ups over the incident where he fired a gun. Yūki states that his sole objective was to protect the citizens and that he will accept any punishment. But instead of being punished, he is promoted by Suzuki.

During the time Tokiwa, Rein and Kanata were dealing with the ghost Machina and Aria built a website for the "Tokiwa Brigade", named after Tokiwa, because he's the leader, which Tokiwa is none too happy about. This website is supposed to help them gather information from other people who have sighted strange phenomena as it invites them to report their sightings to their website.

Tokiwa and Haruka are rather critical, but to their shock the website is a huge success and they are flooded with replies.

Just then Rein goes into oracle mode and asks everyone to "save this world".

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